Janinet Clement

3rd award (2.000 EURO)

After studying with Didier Lockwood and won a first prize at the National Conservatory of Paris in Jazz and improvised music department in 2007, Clément Janinet won the first price at the Defense Festival Springboard with Radiation 10 group. He played with Antoine Hervé, Didier Lockwood, Ricardo del Fra, Sylvain Rifflet, Gilles Coronado, Han Bennink, Ramon Lopez, Mark Turner, Magic Malik, Etienne Mbappe, Mauro Palmas, Richard Bona, Orchestra do Fuba, Adama Drama, Cheik Tidiane Seik, Akale Wube.

Currently Clément Janinet has been performing with Simon Winse and Étienne Mbappé and The Prophets since 2007, in duo with Benjamin Flament since 2011, in string quartet The Banquet.

In 2017, he created the quartet O.U.R.S composed of Joachim Florent, Hugues Mayot and Emmanuel Scarpa with whom he recorded his first album as a leader.

Clément Janinet has given more than 700 concerts in more than 35 countries.