Bittmann Klemens

violinist, violist, mandolinist, composer, arranger. Born in Graz / Austria. Classical Violin studies at the University of Music and Arts in Graz with Prof. Anke Schittenhelm Jazz Violin studies at the Didier Lockwood Music Center in Paris Back in Austria he founded the two bands Beefólk and Folksmilch which already are major acts in the world-music scene in Austria. In these groups he plays violin and mandola as well as he uses his composing and arranging abilities. A large number of concert tours from Austria and Germany to Iceland, Japan, China and Russia. Besides these two projects exist collaborations with Klaus Paier (Klaus Paier Trio and String quartet), Wolfgang Muthspiel (Beefolk feat. Wolfgang Muthspiel), Gerald Preinfalk (Tangogo and Moskau52), Alegre Correa, Alex Deutsch, Louie Austen, Wolfgang Temmel (Dear_GRZ), Matthias Bartolomey, Georg Gratzer, Sarah Grubinger, radio string quartet (Mahavishnu project), Drew Sarich & Dead Poets String Quartet (Nina project), Stefan Heckel, Helgi Jonsson, Broadlahn, Mercedes Echerer and since 2007 with the Austrian pop singers Anna F., Maria Bill and Valerie Sajdik, Ursula Strauss, Alexander Tschernek.

2009 Klemens composed the studio solo-album „leaving velidhu“. 2010 he concepted together with the classical singer Ulfried Staber the project „Frauendienst“ where the lyrical content came from the austrian minnesänger „Ulricht von Liechtenstein“.

2011 Klemens developed on request of the „liquid music“ festival in „Judenburg“ the sound performance „from the distance“ and 2012 the live performance „en passant“. Klemens has always been an in demand studio string-arranger and musician for various projects.