Krakow - Seifert - Śmietana


Krakow - Seifert - Śmietana is a unique project providing for organisation of the International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition alternatively with

the International Jarek Śmietana Jazz Guitar Competition.

The International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition emerged from the need to commemorate the outstanding Polish violinist, as well as to underline his role in the world of music. Seifert was a unique artist, an icon, one of the most acclaimed Polish jazzmen in the world. He still remains the most significant jazz violinist, with countless followers fascinated with his inimitable style.

TOMASZ STAŃKO about Seifert: There was no other violinist like him in the world. Zbyszek is our national treasure!

URSZULA DUDZIAK: He amazed us as he was the forerunner of a new style. (...) He was the Paganini of jazz violin.

The International Zbigniew Seifert Competition, organised for the first time in July 2014, turned out a great international success (applications from 63 violinists from 17 countries). The second edition of the Competition will be held in July 2016 in the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice, and in Krakow.

The idea to create the International Jarek Śmietana Jazz Guitar Competition was born in September 2013, soon after the great guitarist had died. Śmietana’s impact on the development of the Polish school of jazz guitar is undeniable. In the 70s he was one of the fathers of jazz rock (Extra Ball), then he led multiple Polish and international combos, and recorded over 30 authored albums. For many years, he used to be second to none
which was confirmed with annual surveys among JAZZ FORUM readers. Śmietana reigned as the most outstanding jazz guitarist in Poland for over three decades. Śmietana was also one of the last leaders to be so charismatic,
strong, imposing one’s style, having a recognisable sound and a professional approach to one’s own art. He was also a showman able to hypnotise the audience with his music and uncompromising artistic attitude. His original style became a model for the young generation.

Both competitions share a common fact that the artists to whom they are devoted were connected with Krakow throughout their lives. And Krakow is naturally the cradle and melting pot of Polish jazz, a perfect place for creating special and globally unique events.

The main partner of the Competitions is the City of Krakow. Supporting both events, it plans to make use of Krakow’s jazz potential and promote the city properly abroad. The manner of organising the Competitions on alternate years has its reason - a close cooperation of the Foundations enables perfect preparation and promotion of conducted activity.

In 2015, we invite guitarists!

2016 will be the year of violinists!

Calendar 2016

August 24
audition in Lusławice – semi-finals
August 25
audition in Lusławice – semi-finals
August 26
audition in Lusławice – finals
August 27 – gala concert in Cracow

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Zbigniew Seifert (1946-1979) was one of the most eminent Polish jazz musicians and a man of incredible musical talent. His untimely death did not let him fully develop his musical abilities and interrupted a promising worldwide career.

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Regulations for the 2nd edition of the International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition (24-27 August 2016).

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1st prize - 10.000 EURO

2nd prize - 5.000 EURO

3rd prize - 2.000 EURO

and special award

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