Young Musicians’ Tribute to Zbigniew Seifert


Violinists from Spain, Slovakia and Poland have won the 1st International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition. Most prizes went to Polish musicians since – according to the jury – they have proved to be the worthiest successors to Seifert’s violin genius.  

Photo: Krzysztof Warejko

“Zbigniew would be proud of you! And I mean not only the main prize winners, but all the ten semifinalists. You have all demonstrated that you are wonderful, sensitive artists. I am convinced that Zbigniew would agree with me,” said Seifert’s wife Agnieszka directly after the announcement of the jury’s verdict.

We learnt the names of the winners of the Competition, held for the first time in history, during the gala concertat the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Cracow. “The choice was extremely difficult. All the ten violinists qualified for the semifinals are outstanding world-class artists. Hence our decision to award four out of the five finalists and grant one joint prize,” explained one of the jury members, the world famous violinist Mark Feldman. And he rounded the official verdict announcement off with an anecdote: “My wife asked me how I was getting along as a jury member. I said to her: ‘it’s not easy. We have ten young violinists here and every one of them plays better than I do!”

It was a triumph of the Polish violin, as two main prizes went to musicians from Poland. The winner of the 1st prize (10,000 euro) is the 26-year-old Bartosz Dworak, well known to jazz music lovers as the winner of many competitions in Poland. The Spaniard Apel-les Carod Requesens took the 2nd prize (5,000 euro), while the 3rd prize was granted jointly to Roman Jánoška from Slovakia (1,000 Euro) and Dawid Lubowicz from Poland (1,000 Euro). Another young Polish violinist, Stanisław Słowiński – member of a famous musical family from Cracow – won the Audience Award.

A special prize was awarded by Adam Balas, Director of the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice, where the semifinal and final auditions were held for three days. This prize – an invitation to play a concert in Lusławice – went to Dawid Lubowicz.

Both the jurors and the competitors stressed the professionalism and excellent collaboration of the perfectly prepared Paweł Kaczmarczyk Audiofeeling Trio, which accompanied all the participants during this four-day jazz marathon.

The next edition of the International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition will be held in 2016. The organizer of the International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition is the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation. The event has been organized in co-operation with the Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica pod Baranami and the Emanacje Festival. The project has received the financial support of: The Ministry of Culture and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Poland, the Małopolskie Province and the Municipal Council of Kraków.

COMPETITION PATRONS: STOART Union of Performing Artists, ZAiKS Polish Society of Authors and Composers, Association SAWP, ZEW Niedzica, MARR.

COMPETITION PARTNERS: The Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica pod Baranami, Krakow Festival Office, the European Krzysztof Penderecki Center for Music in Lusławice, the National Audiovisual Institute, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Academy of Music in Cracow, the National Library of Poland, Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, Era Jazzu, The International Contest of Young Jazz Bands “Jazz Juniors”, Hotel PTTK Wyspiański, Donimirski Boutique Hotels.

MEDIA PATRONS: TVP Kraków, Polish Radio Channel Two, Radio Kraków,, AMS, Jazz Forum, JazzPress, Karnet, Tygodnik Powszechny, Gazeta Wyborcza,,,,, 

Calendar 2016

August 24
audition in Lusławice – semi-finals
August 25
audition in Lusławice – semi-finals
August 26
audition in Lusławice – finals
August 27 – gala concert in Cracow

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Zbigniew Seifert (1946-1979) was one of the most eminent Polish jazz musicians and a man of incredible musical talent. His untimely death did not let him fully develop his musical abilities and interrupted a promising worldwide career.

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Regulations for the 2nd edition of the International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition (24-27 August 2016).

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1st prize - 10.000 EURO

2nd prize - 5.000 EURO

3rd prize - 2.000 EURO

and special award

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